14 Dec 2016

'Life' Sucks: Klopp explains why he dropped 'Karius' for tonight's game; insists he's 'still a great 'keeper'

Reds boss Jurgen Klopp has explained his surprise decision to bench Loris Karius for tonight's Premier League clash with Middlesbrough.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Klopp noted:

"Life is not always the nicest. Sometimes, I have to make decisions I don't like. I know how strong Loris is, but he couldn't show it in the last few games. Judging him in this moment makes no sense. The boys have good character. Karius is still a great keeper."

I've already made my view clear on this: Klopp should've had the courage of his convictions and kept faith with his self-proclaimed 'number-one' goalkeeper, but instead, when the going got tough, Liverpool's manager folded like a cheap suit.

The Neville brothers basically said 'jump', and Klopp said 'how high'. That's the way it looks.

What is the point in emphatically defending Karius to the hilt, and claiming that criticism from fans/pundits 'doesn't influence' him, then dropping the German 'keeper anyway? Weak management 101, and it renders Klopp's prior defence of Karius both disingenuous and insincere.

Based on Klopp's staunch defence, Karius had the right to expect that he'd retain his place, but Klopp has basically thrown him under the bus here, and validated all the criticism that's been spewed out over the last couple of weeks.

Middlesbrough are the lowest scoring team in all four divisions of English football! Tonight was the ideal game for Karius to regain his confidence, and the chances are, he would've also kept a clean sheet.

Mignolet had a good game, but one match doesn't mean that he is suddenly Liverpool's saviour. That's way some desperately fickle Liverpool fans will spin the situation, though...until, of course, the Belgian makes an inevitably howler (against Everton, perhaps?), and the same fans hailing Mignolet's return will once again be calling for his head.

I've said it once (actually, many times), and I'll say it again: relying on Mignolet for a significant period of time is a recipe for disaster. Over the last three years, he has made more mistakes leading to goals than any other Premier League player (goalkeeper or outfield player), and if Klopp sticks with him for the rest of the season, it'll be Liverpool's funeral (just as it was last season).


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