29 Dec 2016

Legend raves: Forget Costa. 'Massive' £50m Liverpool star is the Prem's 'best player'. Agree?

Reds legend Jamie Carragher has hailed to resurgence this season of one of Liverpool's most improved players.

Speaking to Sky Sports this week, Carra raved:

"On current form in the Premier League, the best player is Adam Lallana. He gets goals and assists - it's a massive turnaround in the last 12 months. You used to think 'does he ever hurt you?'. Now he does."

So let me get this straight: Lallana is the 'best player' in the Premier League because he (finally) does his job on a consistent basis? Give me a break. This is typical pro-Liverpool bias; Lallana is having a great season, but he is not performing above and beyond what should be expected of an massively experienced international in the prime of his career.

Lallana is playing better than he's ever played for Liverpool, but the jump in performance sticks out so much due to the underwhelming inconsistency of his first two years at the club.

I want to see Lallana maintain his form over an entire season; he owes Liverpool that, and for me, his personal target should be 25 goals/assists in all competitions. Anything beyond that and he'll be in the conversation for 'best player' in the Prem (and possibly 'Player of the Season').

In my view, Alexis Sanchez is more deserving of the 'best player' label this season, and with 26 goals/assists in 24 games overall (one every 78 mins) he is clearly exceeding expectations, especially after moving into a new position.

* Lallana: PSG reportedly made a £50m bid. Hailed last week as 'brilliant' by Alan Shearer.


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