16 Nov 2016

Yes Please: Lawro urges Liverpool to sign 'incredible' £75k-a-week superstar who 'loves' Klopp

Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson has urged Jurgen Klopp to bring one of the Reds' greatest players back to the club.

Speaking to PA Sport this week, Lawro suggest a player-coach role for Gerrard is the best way forward. He explained:

"He [Gerrard] would be brilliant to have around the club [and] Liverpool will not have to pay him fortunes - they can tell him if they need him he’ll play".

Over the last year, Gerrard has repeatedly made it clear that he's desperate for a return to Anfield.

Gerrard recently trained at Melwood during his hiatus from LA Galaxy, and when asked about his experience under Klopp's tutelage, the former Reds captain raved over the 'brilliant' atmosphere at the club, and urged the players to take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to work under such a great manager. He explained:

"I love the way he [Klopp] handles players and his team. I am all over his tactics. I am watching him on the outside but I also get to work with him so it is a brilliant experience for me. I am loving it.".

It'd be great to see Gerrard back at Liverpool, and there is one scenario I'd love to see: Gerrard returns to the club in January, and plays enough games to warrant a league winner's medal. The Reds win the title, and Gerrard lifts the trophy with Jordan Henderson. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but that would be an emotional (and deserved) end to Gerrard's fantastic Liverpool career.

Make it so, Jurgen!

* Reportedly on £75k-a-week at LA Galaxy. Hailed this week by Brendan Rodgers as 'incredible'

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