18 Nov 2016

Anfield Shocker: Klopp confirms he'd sell 'amazing' £70m Liverpool 'genius' if another club 'can pay double'

Jurgen Klopp has made a surprising statement about the future of Liverpool 'genius' Philippe Coutinho.

When asked on Thursday about the possibility of Coutinho signing for Barcelona, Klopp insisted that he sees the Brazilian's future 'at Liverpool', but admitted:

"If there’s a club that can pay double what we pay, then I’ll bring the player there myself because who am I to tell them [the player] not to think about their family?".

This is a rather concerning statement as Klopp is basically suggesting that he will gladly allow Liverpool's best players to leave - with his blessing - if they're able to get higher wages elsewhere.

Given the staggering money on offer at the highest level, there are a number of teams in Europe capable of doubling Coutinho's £75k-a-week salary, and I'm sure the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, and PSG have taken note of Klopp's comments.

Klopp is entitled to his opinion, but it's surely unwise to say such things in public, especially when Coutinho's future is the source of constant, credible speculation.

On a related note, the idea that footballers deserve obscene (and undeserved) salaries because they need to support their families is ludicrous, and borderline offensive. God forbid Coutinho should be forced to support his family on a measly wage of just £75k-a-week. The horror!

In my view, anyone who advances this opinion is totally out of touch with the realities of modern life, and is, in some cases, irretrievably ignorant.

* Coutinho: Liverpool reportedly willing to sell for £70m. Hailed as 'amazing' by Joel Matip.


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