24 Nov 2016

Anfield Farce: 'Brilliant' €21m Klopp signing makes shock statement about Liverpool hero. Embarrassing?

Liverpool star Joel Matip has revealed that he's never heard of one of the club's most revered and successful players.

When asked this week about comparisons to Reds legend (and former captain) Alan Hansen, Matip admitted:

“I'm sorry, I have to say I haven't heard of him [Hansen], but I know this club has won many trophies in the past and has had many great defenders.“

This is utterly mind-boggling. How is it possible that Matip has never heard of Alan Hansen?

A rudimentary knowledge of the club's history should be a compulsory requirement for all Liverpool players, and Matip's ignorance of Hansen's existence suggests that he has made zero attempt to learn about the club that pays him £112k-a-week.

It's not like we're talking about Torben Piechnik or Bjorn Tore Kvarme - it's Alan Hansen, one of the greatest (and most successful) defenders in Liverpool's history, and the last player to captain the Reds to a league title.

In my view, Matip's ignorance of basic LFC history is disappointing, embarrassing, and, quite frankly, unacceptable. What's worse is that the club is seemingly making little effort to ensure new signings have a good grounding in the club's illustrious history, something that's arguably vital in gaining a true understanding of what Liverpool FC is all about.

Matip pays lip service to the fact that Liverpool 'has won many trophies', but I doubt he even knows how many league titles the Reds have actually won. Some apologist fans will argue that such knowledge is irrelevant, but that's just typical excuse-making. If Matip actually cared about the club, he'd make some effort to learn about it.

Clearly, Liverpool is just a 'job' for Matip; if it was any more than that, he'd make more of an effort to muster up the interest to learn about the history of the club. I mean, how hard is it to visit the LFC museum and/or type 'Liverpool FC' into Google and spend five minutes learning about the club you play for.


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