18 Nov 2016

I Want LFC: 'Unbelievable' playmaker confirms he's still desperate to 'play for Liverpool'

Despite ongoing work permit issues, one Brazilian youngster is determined to realise his dream of playing for Liverpool.

Speaking to ESPN this week, Liverpool starlet Allan Rodrigues De Souza insisted:

"My goal remains to play for Liverpool. We'll see what happens if I don't get the number of games need to qualify for a work permit".

Allan signed for Liverpool last year, and since then, he's been perennial on loan due to his inability to secure a UK work permit. Reds boss Jurgen Klopp is desperate to have him in the squad, though, and in March, he enthused:

"I saw him in training and thought ‘oh my God - what can we do to bring him into the line-up? He will be a fixed part of the squad in the future, for sure".

In a separate interview, added:

"He [Allan] is an outstanding talent. He's a good player with a good attitude, and everybody loves him.”

Unfortunately, it will be hard for Allan to get a work-permit. New FA rules stipulate that permits will only be granted to non-EEA players if:

* The player is 'internationally established at the highest level'.

* Employment will make a 'significant contribution to the development of the sport at the highest level'.

Allan - Described by SJK boss Simo Valakari as an 'unbelievable talent' - has never played for Brazil 'at the highest level', so until that happens, it looks like he'll be stuck out on loan.

Of course, that's not necessarily a bad thing - Allan is still only 19, so it's good for him to learn his trade and play regular football at a competitive level. In fact, it's arguably preferable for Allan to stay out on loan until he's at least 21, and then return to Liverpool with a wealth of first-team experience.


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