10 Oct 2016

Anfield Idol: €49m Liverpool star admits he's 'always tried' to be like Barcelona 'genius'

Sadio Mane has hit the ground running at Anfield, but according to some people, he doesn't 'smile enough. Well, Mane has refuted that accusation, and insists he models himself on one of football's greatest smilers.

In an interview with Liverpool's official magazine, Mane insisted:

“I think footballers have plenty of reasons to smile. We have a great job that everybody would like to have. Ronaldinho always did that and I’ve always tried to copy him".

In my view, it's nonsense to suggest that player who aren't constantly smiling on the field are miserable and/or don't enjoy the game.

Some players are just intensely concentrated at all times, and 100% focused on trying to achieve victory. Others, are perfectionists who constantly try to improve their own game, and the team's performance.

As such, they're never satisfied, and are always pushing for continuous improvement.

Another word for players like this is: 'WINNER'. Roy Keane, and Graeme Souness, for example, rarely smiled on the field, but they were both winners with the right mentality to succeed.

To me, Mane seems like he' highly concentrated on the field, and if he continues to do the business, who cares if he smiles whilst he's helping Liverpool mount a genuine title challenge?

^ Nov 2015: David Beckham hailed Ronaldinho as a 'genius'. Mane: €49m-rated (CIES Football Observatory)


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