17 Oct 2016

Anfield Alert: 59% of fans Liverpool want 'excellent' €18m star to start vs Man United

Mignolet vs. Karius: Who should start against Manchester United tonight? On Friday, Mignolet made a last-ditch public plea to try and convince Klopp to start him at Anfield, but Liverpool fans don't appear to be convinced.

When asked today about the Man Utd game, Mignolet admitted that it 'hurts' to be relegated to the bench, and insisted that he wants to 'play again as soon as possible'. He further explained:

“I didn’t play the last two weeks and I don’t want it to be any longer. I hope to play against United. I still feel confident because of my good league start [where] I was important for the team by making some good saves".

Then, over the weekend, 'excellent' Karius had his say on the rivalry with Mignolet:

"We are rivals but it's very professional. You prepare for the game any way so it doesn't really make a difference if you know a month before, a week before, a day before, because it won't really change anything in your training."

Over the last week, I've been conducting a poll asking fans who should start tonight. The results:

* 59% of participating fans voted for Karius to retain his place.

Based on Jurgen Klopp's latest comments, it looks like Mignolet's plea has fallen on deaf ears:

"I can't handle the goalkeeping position like I handle all the other positions. I can't say: 'Today you, tomorrow you,' like I may with a defender or full-back or striker. It's not possible."

Klopp is clearly suggesting that changing goalkeepers on a regular basis is 'not possible', which can only mean one thing: Karius will start tonight. Sorry, Simon...

^ Karius: €18.5m-rated (CIES Football Observatory).


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