1 Oct 2016

'Work in Progress': Gary Lineker hails 'Liverpool' victory and describes Klopp's impact at Anfield as 'rapid'

After a horrible first-half performance, Liverpool fought back from 1-0 down to beat Swansea 2-1 at the Liberty Stadium today, and after the game, England legend Gary Lineker hailed the Reds's progress under Jurgen Klopp.

Reacting to Liverpool's victory, Lineker enthused:

"Liverpool may still be a work in progress under Klopp, but the progress though is rapid".

The first half shambles is a sign of the 'work in progress' part, but the second half shows how far Liverpool have come under Klopp. I'm sure many fans - myself included - expected a Burnley-esque collapse, but the team's burgeoning resilience shone through in the second half.

That said, Swansea are hovering near the relegation zone, and prior to the game, Francisco Guidolin's team hadn't won for six games. As such, given the disparity in financial resources, Liverpool *should* be beating the Swans, so there's no point getting carried away.

The victory will paper over the cracks of a poor first-half performance, but if Liverpool perform like that against better teams, it may be harder to pull the game out of the fire.

Still, second place after seven games (and a tough start) is pleasing to see; now, it's time to maintain a place in the top four, something the Reds have struggled to consistently achieve


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