20 Oct 2016

Klopp warns: Liverpool have a massive 'weakness' and it's 'bad news' for the team

Jurgen Klopp has conceded that Liverpool are still being sabotaged by one major defensive weakness.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo on Wednesday, Klopp noted West Brom's physicality, and admitted:

"There is one real weakness and it's set-pieces. The good news is it's not easy to outplay us; the bad news is, we don't defend at 100% on set-pieces".

Set-pieces are a persistent issue for Liverpool, but to be fair, with the calming presence of Joel Matip, and a rejuvenated Dejan Lovren showing his worth, the Reds appear to be much better equipped to deal with the set-piece problem.

Klopp also outlined one possible solution to the problem:

"We can't avoid the set-piece [but] as long as we have the ball, they cannot do something else – they have to defend us".

True, but that's not enough. No team has 100% possession, and all it takes is just one effective free-kick/corner in 90 minutes of football to rob the team of the full three points.

On a related note: Liverpool arguably have more than 'one' real weakness. I can think of at least 2 more:

* Inflexible Approach. Klopp seemingly has no plan B to deal with defensively strong teams (and by 'plan B', I don't mean hoofing the ball up to a big striker). The Man United game showed this yet again.

* Pressing Issue: Liverpool don't perform well when opposition teams play them at their own counter-pressing game. Again, it comes back to having no plan B. Again, the Man United game starkly illustrated this, especially in the atrocious first-half.


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