18 Oct 2016

Klopp blasts: 'I'm not happy' with Liverpool and there's only 'one' positive from the Man Utd game

After Liverpool's 0-0 draw with Manchester United, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is not a happy man.

In post-match interview with Sky Sports, Klopp offered the following withering assessment of Liverpool's performance:

"I'm not happy with the game. Too hectic. We weren’t brave enough or calm enough. We couldn't grow confidence in the first half.  It's not the way we want to play. We got a clean sheet, but that’s the one thing I’m happy about".

I may often be critical of Klopp, but his honesty after games is hugely refreshing, and makes a welcome change to Brendan Rodgers' endless fawning over players and/or attempts to gloss over bad performances by hailing the players' 'outstanding' effort.

Hectic is right - Liverpool lacked composure on the ball, with Emre Can, especially, giving the ball away several times during the exceedingly poor first half.

Overall, Liverpool gave the ball away 32 times during the game (More than Man Utd). Main culprits:

* Coutinho: Lost possession 7 times

* Mane: 6 times

* Firmino: 5 times

Paul Pogba outdid them all though, and gave the ball away 10 times during the game, which is poor for an alleged 'world-class' player with an £89m price tag.


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