11 Oct 2016

We hate Him: Aldo insists 'hostile' Liverpool fans 'can't stand' £288k-a-week Man Utd 'genius'. True?

Due to the intense rivalry, Manchester United always receive a frosty reception at Anfield, but according to Reds legend John Aldridge, one Manc in particular will be in for some rough treatment during next Monday's game.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo this week, Aldo insisted:

"Liverpool fans can’t stand Mourinho, especially after the way he conducted himself in the games against us with Chelsea. He’s guaranteed a hostile reception".

Speak for yourself, Aldo! I may be a Liverpool fan, but I can still acknowledge Mourinho's managerial achievements without allowing petty tribalism and pro-LFC bias to cloud my judgment.

Whether Liverpool fans like it or not, Mourinho is a proven 'world-class' manager, and his record speaks for itself:

* 21 trophies in the last 15 years

* 8 league titles with 4 different clubs, plus two Champions League trophies.

Yes, Mourinho has faltered over the last year, but his implosion at Chelsea is the *exception* for his career, not the rule, though it always amuses me how fans try and make out that one bad half-season in a 15-year career is somehow more important than the continual success that came before. As for Mourinho being a 'defensive manager':

* Chelsea: 352 goals scored in 5 full seasons (Average: 70 per season)

* Liverpool: 319 goals scored in 5 full seasons (Average: 63 per season)

If Chelsea were a 'defensive' team under Mourinho, what does that make Liverpool? Reds fans love to hate Mourinho, but it's all very hypocritical, especially given their ceaseless adulation for - and enablement of - Luis Suarez (who was lionised by fans despite his biting incidents). Plus, the same fans who denigrate Mourinho would be fawning over him if he came to Liverpool and won the league.

Granted, Mourinho's treatment of ex-Chelsea doctor Eve Carneiro was a disgrace (and I fiercely criticised him for it at the timebut that aside, the worst that can be said about the Portuguese is that he's ceaselessly arrogant, and appears to have a raging God Complex (both of which are meaningless, ad hominem labels).

I'd rather have Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, but if Mourinho had got the job instead, I wouldn't be foaming at the mouth with false indignation. Plus, at least one high profile Liverpool fan disagrees with Aldo. According to Steven Gerrard:

"Mourinho is one of the best managers in the world, so of course he would be a good fit [for Liverpool]”

On the subject of Mourinho's God Complex: this is always worth a watch. Fantastic monologue :-)

* Mourinho: Reportedly on £15m-a-year [£288k-a-week] at Man United. Hailed in August as a 'genius' by Ray Wilkins.

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