11 Sept 2016

Massive 'Mistake': £80k-a-week Liverpool star responds to criticism after 'fantastic' Leicester result.

Another day, another defensive mistake, and this time, Lucas Leiva fell foul of the negative trend that continues to sabotage the club's defensive solidity. Mistake notwithstanding, Lucas had a great game at centre-back, and helped the Reds seal a much deserved victory over Leicester, and as he suggested after the game, the result is all that matters.

Reacting to the result this evening, Lucas noted:

"I would like to thanks all the fans for the support today. Yes it was a mistake but I accepted and moved on and it was a fantastic result"

To be fair, Lucas rarely makes errors that lead to goals, and the positive thing is that he didn't let the mistake affect his composure or concentration for the remainder of the game.

As for the ridiculous notion (being peddled by some fans) that Simon Mignolet is partly to blame - give me a break.

Mignolet (as he's probably instructed to by Klopp) plays man similar passes to defenders in every game, and 99 times out of a 100, it's a non-issue.

On this occasion, Lucas miscontrolled the ball, and then panicked, neither of which had anything to do with the goalkeeper.

Mignolet was entitled to expect Lucas to be able to handle the pass, and everything that came afterwards (including the goal) is down to Lucas, and Lucas alone.

Irrespective of the mistake, Lucas is (IMO) still a viable option at centre-back, and if he has to play that role again, I have total confidence in his ability to do a good job.

^ Reportedly on £80k-a-week.


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