13 Sept 2016

Legend raves: €20m Liverpool flop is 'extraordinary' and his quality is 'undisputed'. Agree?

After two years of abject failure at LFC and Milan, Mario Balotelli has hit the ground running at Nice, and according to ex-France legend David Trezeguet, Balotelli still has the quality to resurrect his career.

Balotelli is constantly derided by the miserable British press, whilst ex-Reds in the media (like Jamie Carragher and Robbie Fowler) seem to delight in unprofessional (and unprovoked) personal attacks.

Reacting to Balotelli's two-goal brace against Marseille, Trezeguet - like Verratti and Pirlo - chose to be positive. He raved:

“He [Balotelli] an extraordinary player. His quality is undisputed, and he has started well. I hope he can get back to high levels”.

Whilst I don't condone some of Mino Raiola's recent public comments about Klopp, he is absolutely right (IMO) with the following comments:

"He [Balotelli] was a Liverpool player and you need to treat him with respect. Klopp didn't do that. Mario asked several times to have a friendly match [but] he [Klopp] never considered him".

"He [Klopp] didn’t take into account that he was talking to a human being. Mario has been exemplary, he never complained about training alone. To say that it was wrong of Klopp would be an understatement."

Klopp's marginalisation of Balotelli (i.e. forcing him to train alone) is no different to Jose Mourinho's ongoing disgraceful treatment of Bastian Schweinsteiger, and it's intensely hypocritical for LFC fans to slate Mourinho but condone Klopp's actions.

Both players deserve to be treated with respect by their respective managers, and as Raiola states, Balotelli has - for the most part - behaved in an 'exemplary' manner at Liverpool.

I personally hope Balotelli proves everyone wrong and has a great season in France.


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