27 Sept 2016

Better Than Coutinho? Klopp raves over 'wonderful' €28m maestro Liverpool tried to sign under Benitez

Back in 2009, ex-Reds boss Rafa Benitez confirmed that he tried to sign Man City attacker David Silva, and it appears that Liverpool's current boss is also fan of the Spanish maestro.

When asked on Monday to name the 'most dangerous player in the Premier League', Klopp told Sky Sports:

"I like David Silva. He is a wonderful player. He’s everywhere and so skilled and he has such a good attitude. I like his style of play".

During the 2008-9 season, Benitez told the Liverpool Echo:

"We were asking about the situation with him [Silva]. We are trying to have conversations and trying to progress but it’s not easy to sign any player now"

What a signing that would've been (!) Daniel Sturridge is also an admirer of Silva, and back in 2015, he raved:

"David Silva is a striker's dream. The guy's passing is unreal"

Liverpool missed out €28m-rated Silva, but the club later signed Philippe Coutinho, who is a very similar type of player, so all's well that ends well.

A few years ago, I conducted a poll asking fans who they'd rather have in their team (Coutinho or Silva), and at the time, 52% of fans chose Coutinho. What about now?



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