17 Sept 2016

Gerrard MK2? Carra in scathing attack on 'embarrassing' £89m playmaker after 'poor' performance

Paul Pogba: Is he worth £89m? On the evidence of his first few games for Manchester United, the answers is a resounding NO, and according to Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, Pogba is currently one of United's weakest links.

Speaking to Sky Sports this week, Carra slated Pogba as 'defensively poor', and described aspects of his performance against Manchester City as 'embarrassing'. He further scathed:

"For a central midfielder, it was one of the most ill-disciplined performances you will see. His [Pogba's] job in midfield is to be disciplined [but] he got it wrong ".

There are obvious parallels here with Steven Gerrard. Like Pogba, Gerrard sometimes lacked positional discipline, and that often caused problems (Istanbul, anyone?)

That said, Gerrard compensated for that with his prodigious talent, and ability to regularly impact and/or change games, and Pogba is arguably cut from the same cloth.

As such, it's a little too early to start writing him off. Pogba's transfer fee may be ridiculous, but he has proven himself to be a top quality player, and when he settles into Jose Mourinho's system, I have no doubt that his quality will shine through.

It amuses me how some Liverpool *still* delude themselves into thinking that Man Utd will crash and burn this season. Obviously, like all Reds fans, I'd love to see that, but with serial winner Mourinho at the helm, and Ibrahimovic, Pogba, De Gea, and Mkhitaryan in the team, it 'aint happening (unfortunately).


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