19 Sept 2016

I Love LFC: 'Incredible' £65m attacker hails 'amazing' Liverpool and admits 'Anfield' is in his 'heart'

Despite his many indiscretions, 'incredible' Barcelona star Luis Suarez remains one of the most revered Liverpool players of the modern era, and feeling still appears to be mutual.

In February, Suarez^ insisted that he'd only ever play for Liverpool in the Premier League, and in a new interview over the weekend, the Uruguayan described playing at Anfield as a 'dream', and enthused:

"My debut was an amazing moment for me. And when we won against Man City, when we had a good chance to win the League. I have a lot of moments in my heart from Anfield.”

For obvious reasons, I was very critical of Suarez during his time at Anfield. Indeed, I actively called for him to be sold, and I remain unrepentant about that. It's a matter of principle, and that principle is not even Suarez-specific; it applies to any player, and I would've made exactly the same arguments if it was Gerrard, Henderson, or even my favourite ever player - John Barnes - engaging in biting, cheating, and hurling racial epithets.

One thing that people conveniently forget, though, is that during the Patrice Evra situation, I defended Suarez (on certain issues) in greater detail than any other football writer on the planet, and I mean that literally.

The common perception that I'm 'anti-Suarez' is totally inaccurate. If that were true, I would've used the Evra situation to stick the knife in, but I defended Suarez instead, for one simple reason: I'm only interested in the facts, and I passionately believe that *everyone* is innocent until proven guilty.

Those principles underline everything I write on this site; I go where the facts take me, even if those facts conflict with my personal view of a player/manager (or indeed anyone). This also explains why I'd have Suarez back at Liverpool tomorrow. I've never doubted his ability, and he's been punished for his past indiscretions, so in legal parlance, his 'convictions' are now 'spent'.

On a related note: My book - Suarez vs. Evra: The Truth Revealed - will be available on Amazon soon.

^ Cost Barca £65m


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