26 Sept 2016

Anfield Surprise: Klopp hails 'brilliant' €28m outcast and claims he's 'one of the best' players in training

Is it game over for Alberto Moreno? The error-prone Spaniard has been bench-bound for six of the last seven games, but based on Jurgen Klopp's latest comments, there may be a way back for Moreno.

In his post-Hull press conference, Klopp enthused:

"One of the best players in training in the last few weeks has been Alberto Moreno. He took the situation brilliantly and is in a really good moment".

Moreno started Liverpool's midweek League Cup victory over Derby, and helped the club keep a clean sheet, so that's obviously a positive. When it comes to the league, though, James Milner has his feet firmly under the table, and given the Reds' superb current form, it will take a lot to displace him.

I honestly believe that Moreno - who is dubiously rated at €28m by CIES - can still have a future at Liverpool, but only if Klopp coaches out his bad habits, specifically:

* Reckless tackles, some of which are so brainless that it's hard to comprehend how a person of sound mind is capable of making such stupid decisions.

* Positioning, but this is surely something that can be improved?

In my view, Moreno should have a tailored coaching regime focused on improving these two areas. Is it worth trying to improve him, or should the club just cut its losses and sign a new left-back?


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