9 Sept 2016

Liverpool Shocker: 'Fantastic' £60k-a-week Klopp signing admits he's never been to Anfield

Every year, Liverpool fans all over the world travel thousands of miles (and spend big bucks) to visit Anfield, but nearly five months after signing for the club, one Reds player is yet to visit his own home stadium.

When asked this week for his views on Liverpool's famous stadium, Karius - who is reportedly on £60k-a-week - told the club's official website:

“I haven't been there yet, so it's going to be every exciting, especially now with an even bigger stadium. I've heard all the people telling me about it, but when you experience it yourself it's something different"

The mind boggles. Karius is a Liverpool player but he's never been to Anfield? I'm not quite sure sure how that's possible, but it appears to be the reality.

Doesn't Karius have the enthusiasm to visit a stadium as historically famous as Anfield? Isn't he in the least bit interested in exploring the club's famous history? After all, he can't live that far from the stadium (!)

In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big issue, but it's hard to comprehend how a Liverpool player can go almost five months without having any desire to visit his home stadium. If fans from South Africa, Australia, the USA etc can do it, so can Karius!

In my view, Jurgen Klopp should be encouraging all new signings to visit the stadium, and immerse themselves in the club's history.


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