6 Sept 2016

Agent Confirms: Klopp's decision is making things 'difficult' for 'fantastic' £120k-a-week Liverpool star

After contributing an impressive 21 goals/assists last season, James Milner has now been shoehorned into defence as a makeshift left-back. Dumping Liverpool's top assist-maker into defence is a massively counter-intuitive move, and according to Milner's agent, the transition from creator to defender is far from easy.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Matthew Buck insisted that Milner is willing to 'sacrifice' himself for the team, but added:

“Left-back is a difficult for him as he’s right footed. I wouldn’t say he finds it easy but...he will always put the team first...but you still have to have that discipline to fill in and cover defensively. He’s learning all the time".

Gosh, how selfless - a footballer on £120k-a-week is happy to 'sacrifice' himself to kick a ball around in a different area of the field. What a joke. There's no real 'sacrifice' involved, but I digress...

Milner's lack of 'discipline to fill in and cover defensively' has (indirectly) cost Liverpool two goals already this season, but that's only to be expected when the manager makes the ridiculous decision to play a right-midfielder at left-back.

Why can't Jurgen Klopp see that there are better solutions that Milner at left-back, specifically: Ragnar Klavan (who is left-footed, and has played there for Estonia and Augsburg), and Nathaniel Clyne, who has always put in solid performances for Liverpool at left-back.

Surely it makes more sense to play Milner - a right-footed midfielder who excels on the right - at right back, or am I missing something?

^ Hailed as 'fantastic' by Adam Lallana.


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