14 Aug 2016

Dump Him: Legend sends angry 'message to Klopp' and slates £40k-a-week Liverpool misfit for Arsenal fail

Another day, another reckless Alberto Moreno challenge, and Reds legend Steve Nicol has a simple message for Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp: Get rid of Moreno ASAP.

After Moreno's ridiculous lunge gave Arsenal a penalty, Nicol scathed:

"Message to Klopp: get Moreno off NOW. His basics of defending are non-existent.

Unfortunately, Moreno stayed on the field, and his positional indiscipline then (indirectly) led to Arsenal's opening goal.

For many Liverpool fans, I imagine that 'Get Moreno off NOW' almost certainly translates to 'Get Moreno OUT now', and I doubt many tears will be shed if Klopp now relegates him to the bench.

Liverpool got away with it today, but if Moreno is allowed an extended run at left-back, it's an utter inevitability that he will cost the club goals and/or points at some point in the season.

Prior to the game, I called for Ragnar Klavan to be played at left-back, and although that wasn't really possible today (due to the absence of Joel Matip), I'm convinced that the Estonian is a far superior option at left-back (a role he played many times for Augsburg).

Reckless tackles are not part of Klavan's defensive DNA; he is calm and composed under pressure, and doesn't take unnecessary risks, which is precisely what Liverpool need right now from the full-back positions.

On a related note: Why can't Klopp coach Moreno's recklessness out of him? He must surely be aware of Moreno's propensity for ridiculous, lunging tackles, and it should surely be a top coaching priority to eradicate this part of his game.

If Klopp can't change this aspect of Moreno's game, then he has to stop playing him. It's that simple.


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