15 Aug 2016

Offer Made: Liverpool pushing to sign 'wonderful' £80k-a-week sensation. Done deal 'in 48-hours'?

Last week, multiple reports claimed that 'wonderful' Real Madrid starlet Martin Odegaard is 'waiting' for a loan offer from Liverpool, and with Los Blancos determined to send the Odegaard on loan this summer, it appears that Jurgen Klopp's interest is real.

Last season, Odegaard^ confirmed that he 'visited Liverpool' (and had dinner with Philip Coutinho), and ccording to an alleged Real Madrid 'source' over the weekend:

“The [Real] board would like to close the transaction in 48-hours. There are offers on the table...from La Liga, West Ham, Liverpool, German clubs, and Ajax.”

Klopp reportedly tried to sign Odegaard on loan during the January transfer window. It was a ridiculous idea then, and it's hard to understand Klopp's thinking this time round:

* It makes no logical sense to sign an inexperienced, untested (and overhyped) 17-year old in a season with a drastically reduced fixture list.

* Signing Odegaard will be the ultimate insult to Liverpool's academy players. What is the point in the academy if the club brings in a 17-year old on loan? It's tantamount to a giant vote of no-confidence.

* Over the last couple of years, the club has made a concerted effort to lower the wage bill, so bringing in a 17-year old bit-part player on £80k-a-week seems to contradict that ongoing policy.

* Liverpool have plenty of players in Odegaard's position, so it's unlikely he'll play much. As such, he'd stunt his development even further by signing for the Reds.

The source also claims that Madrid want a 'loan without an option to buy', so there's no long-term upside to this potential deal. Odegaard would just come into the squad, stunt the development of the club's academy players (by taking their places on the bench/and or stealing first team minutes), and then leave at the end of the season.

In what universe does this make any sense?

^ Salary: £80k-a-week/£21m over five-years


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