18 Aug 2016

Anfield Update: Klopp reveals failed 'transfer' details, and confirms Liverpool 'will' sign a new LB 'if it's the guy we want'

Beleaguered left-back Alberto Moreno is (deservedly) under fire right now for his consistently error-strewn performances for Liverpool, but is Jurgen Klopp actively looking for a replacement?

When asked today about bolstering the club's left-back options, Klopp told reporters:

"It's not about money, but playing style, technical skills. If we'd found the perfect fit...we would have made a transfer".

When pressed about the club's lack of depth in the left-back position, Klopp added:

"[James] Milner can play and [Nathaniel] Clyne played there before. We will only take another one if it's the guy we want".

Concerningly, Klopp also appeared to be surprised by the ongoing criticism of Moreno's performances:

"I am not interested in criticism. Alberto played for a reason. Is the world not satisfied with our left-back? We are talking about Moreno because he didn't defend so well against Arsenal? I don't understand the conversation".

If Klopp is genuinely bemused by the criticism of Moreno, then he seriously needs to wake up. It has been obvious for over a year that Moreno needs to be replaced (or, at the very least, challenged for a place in the team), and if Klopp can't see that, then it's a massive problem.

Granted, Klopp may privately think differently, but if not, then this possibly explains why Liverpool have not signed a new left-back this summer. Klopp claims that he just hasn't found the 'perfect fit' yet, but based on his comments above, it also possible that he actually rates Moreno, and wants to stick with him in the vain hope that he'll improve.

What next: A new 5-year contract for Moreno? It sounds improbable, but that's exactly what happened with Simon Mignolet amid stringent calls from the fanbase for him to replaced and/or dumped.

I've said it once (well, a hundred times actually!). and I'll say it again: If Klopp sticks with Moreno, Mignolet, and Lallana for large swathes of the season, it will be his funeral (and Liverpool's).


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