9 Aug 2016

Anfield MegaDeal: Thommo urges Liverpool to sign 'fantastic' €40m powerhouse 'soon'. Contact Made already

Liverpool continue to be linked with a summer move for Newcastle midfielder Moussa Sissoko, and ex-Red David Thompson insists that the France midfielder is the perfect signing for LFC.

Last week, French newspaper Le 10 Sport claimed:

"According to our sources, Liverpool and Dortmund have made offers for Moussa Sissoko. Rafa Benitez [wants] a €40m transfer fee".

This morning, Thompson enthused:

"I'd love to see [Sissoko] in a Liverpool shirt soon. He was fantastic in the Euros. He's athletic, makes tackles, and is very pacey. I'd play him and Can holding/breaking up play".

Thanks, but no thanks.

* Can and Sissoko in midfield 'holding' is a recipe for disaster. Neither has the discipline to maintain a defensive-minded role in the team, and both (IMO) suffer the same flaw: desperation to be the main-man in the team, and a desire to get forward and score goals. Both are legends in their own minds, desperate to prove they can play like Zidane, when neither has the ability to achieve that.

* Liverpool need positional specialists in midfield (a dedicated DM, or a top quality, Gerrard-like attacking midfielder), and Sissoko doesn't appear to excel in either role.

* Sissoko showed his limitations at Euro 2016. Lots of running, industry, pressing etc (Klopp's favoured qualities), but zero impact in the final third, with constant poor end product.

* Generally, Sissoko's end product is pitiful: 12 goals/19 assists in 133 apps for Newcastle (Goal every 960 mins. G/A every 372 mins).

* Plus, there's the transfer fee to consider. €40m? No chance. If the club is going to spend €40m+ on yet another midfielder, it should go on a player with the obvious potential to walk into the team and dominate in one clearly defined position (like Pogba at Man Utd, for example).

Alas, Klopp is seemingly obsessed with 'multi-functional' players, and he proved this again with his comments about Giorgino Wijnaldum:

"He [Wijnaldum] can play in five or six different positions. That’s one of the things I really like about him. He’s a complete footballer.”

Remind me: how did Wijnaldum's alleged status as a 'complete footballer' help Newcastle last season (or Liverpool in pre-season)? The same question applies to Sissoko, who went AWOL last season and scored just ONE measly Premier League.

No wonder Newcastle got relegated.

Author: Jaimie K


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