7 Jul 2016

Offer Accepted: Liverpool agree surprise transfer for 'amazing' £15m attacker with 'big talent'

If you can't beat them, join them! After repeatedly paying inflated fees for overrated British players, it appears that Liverpool are now on the verge of jumping on the daylight robbery bandwagon.

According to The Guardian today:

"Liverpool have accepted a £15m bid from Bournemouth for Jordon Ibe and given the winger permission to talk to the club".

£15m for Ibe?

I must be in the football version of the Twilight Zone as this is simply too good to be true.

Liverpool are often on the receiving end of the ludicrous homegrown 'tax' on overhyped British players, but this time, it's the Reds engaging in glorious daylight robbery.

What's even more impressive is that Bournemouth are seemingly willing to pay £15m despite Ibe's clear regression last season.

Ibe - Recently hailed by Jurgen Klopp as a 'big, big talent - has pace and power, but defenders appear to have worked him, which is hardly surprising given his predictable MO consists mainly of getting the ball out wide, cutting-in, and then delivering (in most cases) a woeful final ball.

For me, Ibe also lacks game intelligence, and with only 3 goals/7 assists in 53 games (Goal every 933 mins. G/A every 280 mins), his end product is not consistent enough to sustain a regular first-team place.

Hopefully, a £15m transfer will be concluded before Bournemouth wake up and realise they're being ripped-off (!)

^ Feb 2016: Hailed by Thierry Henry for 'amazing' talent.


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