1 Jul 2016

Anfield-bound? Liverpool now favourites to sign 'explosive' £20m international who's like 'Yaya Toure'

Liverpool's transfer business continues apace, and after sealing a deal for Sadio Mane this week, new reports suggest that Jurgen Klopp has now switched his attenton to Newcastle midfielder Moussa Sissoko.

Last week, the Express claimed:

"Liverpool have entered the race to sign Sissoko^. Newcastle will demand at least £20m".

According to French newspaper L'Equipe on Thursday:

* Liverpool are now firm favourites to sign Sissoko, and will try to seal a deal after Euro 2016.

* Rafa Benitez wants to keep Sissoko, but the 26-year old is determined quit Newcastle.

Prior to his move to Newcastle, Sissoko confirmed that he'd had 'contact with Liverpool', but now, he appears to have his heart set on a move to Arsenal. Last month, he told reporters:

"Arsenal is one of the best European teams. The beautiful Arsenal. We will see. For the moment, I'm focused on the Euros."

Ex-Red Danny Murphy is a fan of Sissoko, and in an interview last season, he told the BBC:

“Liverpool should go for Sissoko. He's a box-to-box midfielder, who has looked absolutely terrific since going centrally".

According to ex-Liverpool midfielder Don Hutchison, Sissoko is like 'Yaya Toure in terms of his explosive ability to get forward and make runs from midfield', but even with that mind, I really don't see the point in this deal:

* Liverpool need positional specialists in midfield (a dedicated DM, or a top quality, Gerrard-like attacking midfielder), and Sissoko - who describes himself as an 'attacking midfielder, who likes to move, defend, and attack' - doesn't appear to excel in either role.

* Sissoko's end product is pitiful: 12 goals/19 assists in 133 apps for Newcastle (Goal every 960 mins. G/A every 372 mins). This is not good enough for a box-to-box midfielder with attacking responsibilities.

* Liverpool have Can, so that arguably negates the need for Sissoko.

* £20m is far too much for a player in a relegated team, but as the Mane deal proves yet again, the Reds seemingly have no problem with overpaying for players.

On the positive side, Sissoko is rarely injured, and at the age of 26, his best years are still ahead. Plus, whether fans want to accept it or not, Sissoko (like Arnautovic) is a realistic, achievable transfer target, and this level of player is probably the best Liverpool can hope for this season.

For the right price, is Sissoko a viable signing?

Author: Jaimie K


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