2 Jul 2016

Expert raves: 'Excellent' £50k-a-week powerhouse will be a great signing for Liverpool

In February, Liverpool confirmed the signing of 'excellent' Cameroon international Joel Matip, and according to Bundesliga expert Jorg Jakob, Matip is good enough to hit the ground running at Anfield.

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo this week, Jakob - who writes for German sports magazine Kicker - insisted that Matip is 'all you want from a modern defender' and outlined 4 main reasons why the ex-Schalke star is a good signing for Liverpool:

* Doesn’t 'give away too many fouls', and he’s a 'good passer'.

* Good in the air, and scores goals, 'especially from set pieces'.

* A 'major personality' who will 'stand out' in the Premier League due to his excellent 'technique'.

* Good on the ball, 'intelligent' and 'able to read the game well'.

Liverpool legend John Barnes is also excited about Matip, and in a recent interview, he enthused:

“[Joel] Matip may not have been an obvious choice, but I think that he will be a good signing for Liverpool".

Let's hope Barnes and Jakob are right. It's vital that Matip the ground running this season, and that means no costly goal-creating mistakes in his first few games.

Unfortunately, if that happens, Matip will immediately be written off as another error-prone defender (just ask Lovren!), and it's hard to shake off that label (just ask Moreno!)

What should be Liverpool's first-choice central defensive partnership for next season?

^ Reportedly on £50k-a-week at Liverpool


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