15 Jun 2016

Marquee Transfer: Liverpool want €30m goal-machine Klopp hailed as 'incredible'. 55 goals/assists this season

Liverpool are once again being linked with a move for Borussia Dortmund attacker Henrikh Mkhitaryan^, but after the Armenian's recent scathing view of Jurgen Klopp's management style, this particular transfer seems highly unlikely.

According to the Liverpool Echo today (via A Bola):

* Klopp wants an Anfield reunion with €30m-rated Mkhitaryan.

* Liverpool have 'expressed interest' in signing the prolific attacker.

In a recent interview, Klopp made it clear that he still hold Mkhitaryan in very high regard:

"He [Mkhitaryan] is one of the most talented players in the world [with] an incredible combination of speed and technique. There’s few you can say that about".

Unfortunately for Liverpool, the feeling is not mutual. At Dortmund, Klopp's incessant demand for physically draining running/pressing *restricted* Mkhitaryan's creativity, and that clearly still bothers the Armenian:

"Klopp was a football madman: pressure and counter-attack. Tuchel has changed our lives. Now we command the game and I have more freedom to attack. Thanks to him I now make myself more useful.”

The proof is in the pudding: under Klopp, Mkhitaryan averaged a goal/assist every 193 mins. With Klopp out of the picture, he smashed in an incredible 55 goals/assists in 52 games for Dortmund (one every 79 minutes). Coincidence? I think not.

With his negative comments about Klopp, and the absence of European football, Liverpool almost certainly have no chance of signing 'unbelievable' Mkhitaryan. It's all moot anyway, as he apparently has his heart set on a move to Manchester United. According to Mkhitaryan's agent this week:

"Manchester United is a unique opportunity, and Micki wants to go there".

The lure of Mourinho in action once again. When is Klopp's alleged 'pull' in the transfer market going to kick in?

On a different note, The Telegraph reports:

"Hundreds of English and Welsh thugs roam around Lille screaming "F&*$ off Russia, we're England and Wales." Seconds later The Telegraph was caught up as Armed officers set off tear gas. Bottles thrown at police before supporters escape up side streets".

Scumbag England fans at it again, and this time, they're leading (usually well behaved) Welsh fans astray.


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