11 Jun 2016

Offer Made: Klopp wants 'excellent' number-10 at Liverpool next season. Transfer already agreed with Fiorentina in March

After being totally ignored by Jurgen Klopp in the second half of the season, 'excellent' Liverpool attacker Joao Carlos Teixeira is on the verge of leaving Anfield this summer, but for some reason, the Reds reportedly want the Portuguese attacker to stay next season.

According to the Liverpool Echo:

"Teixeira has been offered new terms but is yet to accept. The Portuguese midfielder [is expected to] leave the club in search of first team football".

Last season, Klopp granted Teixeira^ three minutes of Premier League game time.


That is disgraceful treatment of the club's Academy 'Player of the Year', and what makes it worse is that Klopp had endless chances last season to give Teixeira a run of games (due to countless injuries), and he failed to do so.

I've made the case for Teixeira countless times over the last eighteen months, but unless he wants to spend another couple of years rotting away on the bench, he needs to quit Liverpool ASAP, and work under a manager who actually gives him a chance.

I've never argued that Teixeira is an attacking saviour who'll transform the team with his amazing skills; I've only ever argued that - based on performances (in the Academy, for LFC and on loan), superb attitude, and inarguable potential - he deserves an extended chance in the team.

Time to move on, Tex. Staying at Liverpool is career suicide. Don't ruin your development any further by falling for empty promises of increased game time.

On a different note: Scumbag England fans on the rampage once again in France. How predictable. In my view, severe sanctions are required, and that means throwing the England team out of the tournament.

^ Mar 1: Reported 'agreement in principle' with Fiorentina.


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