18 Jun 2016

Yes Please: Liverpool could seal summer transfer for 'terrific' £37m striker who's unhappy with Klopp

Earlier this month, Christian Benteke warned that he'll quit Anfield this summer unless he's guaranteed more playing time under Jurgen Klopp, and new reports today suggest that Chelsea are considering a move for the beleaguered striker.

In mid-June, Benteke told reporters:

"When Klopp arrived, I wasn't in his plans [which] was frustrating. I'd like to stay if I remain in the coach's plans, but if that's not the case, it'll be difficult to stay."

According to The Times:

* Chelsea want to sign Christian Benteke this summer.

* Blues boss Antonio Conte sees Benteke as the idea strike partner for Diego Costa.

In my view, this is a no-brainer: if he gets the chance, Benteke should quit Liverpool ASAP. As last season showed, he just isn't Klopp's type of player, and that's unlikely to change next season, especially with Sturridge and Origi in the squad.

Additionally, with the reduced number of games, Benteke's chances of regular football will decrease even more, and unless he wants to spend another season warming the bench, leaving is his best option.

It shouldn't even be a question for Benteke. Nothing is going to change at Anfield, and if Conte brings his 334 formation into the Premier League (or 442, which is more likely), Benteke will (in theory) have more chances to play.

Atletico Madrid are also reportedly considering a £37m summer move for Benteke, but I'm sure most Reds fans will concede that it's highly unlikely that Liverpool will be lucky enough to get such a massive fee.

In my view, anything over £20m, and the club should just cut its losses and let Benteke go.

If he ends up at Chelsea, can Benteke form a successful partnership with Costa? I can't see it.

^ Described by Steven Gerrard as a 'terrific talent'.


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