2 May 2016

Transfer Travesty: LFC rejected 'world-class' £16m attacker who wanted to 'play for Liverpool'

Last month, Andre Ayew's brother confirmed that Liverpool rejected the chance to sign the Ghana international during his time at Marseille. Ayew ultimately ended up at Swansea, and it now transpires that Liverpool (ridiculously) snubbed him for a second time, too.

Speaking to Ghana Web In April, Ibrahim Ayew confirmed:

"He [Ayew] was up for only £5m, but no-one was really willing to pay. Liverpool pulled back.”

According to the Daily Mail today:

"Ayew^ was so keen to play for Liverpool that he offered to play without wages until January [2016] to prove himself [and]. The Reds opted to pursue other players".

ExcelFoot's Mark McKay, who negotiated Ayew's Swansea transfer, added:

"It has always been Andre's dream to play for Liverpool but unfortunately they [Liverpool] opted to pursue other targets at the time".

What a joke. Liverpool will pay stupid money for comparatively ineffective players (Markovic etc), or overpay on average Brits (Lallana), but reject a proven international attacker who'll play for free.

You couldn't make it up. Decisions like this are no surprise, though. Liverpool's transfer policy under FSG is a raging clusterf**k of profligate spending and overpaid mediocrity, so rejecting a top player who's willing to pay for free is basically par for the course. The Daily Mail also claims:

"Ayew intends to weigh up his options this summer as Swansea look to appoint former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers to succeed Francesco Guidolin".

No wonder Ayew wants out - Rodgers rejected him twice (whilst at Liverpool) so I doubt he's too enamoured with the prospect of playing under him at Swansea. Jurgen Klopp tried to sign Ayew during his Dortmund reign, so a future move to Anfield is still within the realm of possibility.

In a better team, with better players (and managerial stability), Ayew - described by Ghana boss Kwesi Appiah as a'world-class' attacker - will almost certainly thrive. Indeed, in his first season in the Premier League, Ayew has already outperformed Adam Lallana, who is older, and more established in English football:

* Ayew: 10 goals/4 assists in 33 apps (One every 197 mins).

* Lallana: 6 goals/8 assists in 46 apps (One every 235 mins).

Lallana cost £26m, and plays with vastly superior players, under (allegedly) one of the best managers in the world. Ayew plays in a team struggling to avoid relegation, under a journeyman boss who arrived mid-season, yet he has *still* outscored Lallana in the league (10 goals vs. 4).

The performance of cheap players like Ayew, Mahrez, Vardy, Kante, and Payet shows that there are massive bargains out there for clubs who are willing to take a chance, and starkly illustrates the gross underperformance of overpriced, overhyped players like Lallana.

Cue endless excuses about how Lallana 'runs and presses' a lot and blah blah blah.

Is Ayew worth a bid this summer?

Author: Jaimie K

^ Swansea deal reportedly worth £16m over 4 years.


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