1 May 2016

Get Off His Back: Owen defends 'brilliant' £30m Liverpool star after Swansea controversy

Reds legend Michael Owen has defended beleaguered Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge after he allegedly failed to acknowledge Liverpool fans at the Liberty Stadium this afternoon.

A clearly disappointed Sturridge^ trudged off the field and straight down the end of Liverpool's 3-1 defeat to Swansea City, and he is now receiving abuse from Twitter trolls for his alleged 'attitude' problem'.

In his post-match press conference, Reds boss Jurgen Klopp refused to censure 'brilliant' Sturridge, and when asked about the incident on BT Sport^, Owen dismissed the faux outrage:

"There were eight [Liverpool] players in the centre circle [after the game] so there were already two down the tunnel. There’s no point getting carried away with just Sturridge".

Exactly. Two Liverpool players had already left the field ahead of Sturridge, but, as usual, he is the one getting it in the neck.

I personally couldn't care less if Sturridge failed to clap Liverpool fans. Why should he acknowledge 'fans' who continually perpetuate spurious myths about his attitude and alleged arrogance?

Sturridge was clearly consumed by disappointment at the defeat (and his part in failing to turn things around), and anyone who's played the game will understand how that feeling of frustration can become overwhelming.

Additionally, Klopp's questionable man-management arguably contributed to Sturridge's reaction, and after being constantly snubbed for the club's biggest games, his unhappiness is palpable.

In my view, this overblown incident is a total non-issue, and overly-entitled Liverpool fans who are butt-hurt over Sturridge's alleged snub need to get over it already. Injuries aside, Sturridge has been superb for the club, yet he's still constantly criticised and slandered by sections of the fanbase.

Sturridge owes these ingrates nothing.

^ Sturridge: £30m-rated

Author: Jaimie K


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