27 May 2016

Does L-Kop need a Discussion Forum/Message Board? All views welcome!

Should the site have a discussion forum? It's an oft-requested feature from members of the discussion community, but I'm only going to do it if visitors (especially regulars who comment on the articles) think it's a good idea.

I'm interested in your views on the following:

* Does the site need a message board?

* Should it be non-football only, or a mix of football and off-topic boards?

* What specific board categories would you like to see?

* What board features do you deem to be essential and/or would you like to have?

* Are there any negatives to having a message board? Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

Etc. All views welcome, and if people want a board, then I'll set it up specifically with your comments in mind.

If a message board is created, I'd like it to be moderated by regular visitors to the site. Obviously, I'd have admin powers, but I'd leave pretty much every aspect of running the board to the Mods, including word filters, deletions, registration issues, creating new boards, banning people (if necessary) etc.

From looking at all the board software available, Proboards seems to be the standout option, and there are literally dozens of great features. Have a look and see what you think: https://www.proboards.com/free-forum-features.

Proboards is not set in stone, though, and if anyone thinks there are better options out there, please say so :-)

If the board gets the go-ahead, it'll be set-up with all your comments in mind.

So, what do you think: Yay or Nay?

EDIT: Another option is an on-site instant chat system, such as Chatwee, which has some great features.

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