12 May 2016

'We Need Players': Klopp reveals Liverpool transfer plans; confirms he wants to sign 'better' players

The summer transfer window is just around the corner, and Liverpool fans are waiting with bated breath to see if Jurgen Klopp will be able to work his Dortmund magic at Anfield, and unearth another Lewandowski, Gotze, or Reus. Klopp is usually tight-lipped about new signings, but in an interview this week, the Reds boss outlined his summer transfer plans.

In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Klopp admitted that Liverpool 'need players', and vowed to make signings 'that will give us the opportunity to become better'. He further added:

"If they [the new players] are better [that current players], then good, but if they are the same level that would be really good too. Then we can push each other onto another level".

There's no point in signing players on the 'same level' as the likes of Lallana, Moreno et al. Certain players need to be *replaced* - not challenged - and the reality is that the current squad is not good enough to finish in the top four.

The last two seasons categorically proves this, and signing the same type of players will inevitably lead to the same results.

In my view, the following regular first-teamers need to be replaced in the starting XI, and relegated to squad player status (or, in some cases, sold):

* Moreno: Positionally suspect, and often reckless in the challenge. Regularly makes defensive mistakes. Sell

* Lallana: Pressing and running? Forget it. Lallana's primary role is to score/create goals, and he is not prolific enough. Too prone to barren spells, and is a benchmark of a team that's finished 6th and 8th over the last two seasons. Sell

* Mignolet: Has periods of good form, but will always let the team down at crucial moments. He's proven this over the last two years, and there are plenty of goalkeepers out there with superior goals conceded/clean sheet stats. Timo Horn, for example. Squad

* Henderson: This may sound harsh, but Hendo is (IMO) expendable. He's one of Liverpool's most improved players over the last two years, but he's no Xabi Alonso, and the Reds can do better in his position. Squad

Liverpool also need another top-class striker. It's great that Sturridge is retaining his fitness, but he will get injured again at some point (it's inevitable), and going into next season relying on Ings, and Origi, is (IMO) a huge mistake.

Rodgers made the mistake of relying on Mignolet, Lallana, and Sturridge, and he ended up getting sacked. If Klopp makes the same mistake, it'll be his funeral.

Author: Jaimie K


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