17 May 2016

Anfield Bombshell: Jurgen Klopp admits that he may quit as 'Liverpool' manager in 'seven years'

How long will Jurgen Klopp be the manager of Liverpool? Klopp spent seven years at both Mainz and Dortmund, and based on his latest comments, it seems as if he's planning a similar seven year stint at Anfield.

When asked today how long he plans to stay at Liverpool, Klopp told reporters:

“Seven years in Liverpool, hopefully. If they hope I stay longer, I’m not sure. For me it is the only way I can work to be honest. My former clubs always wanted to extend my contract. That’s how it was".

If Klopp stays at Anfield for the full seven years, he'll become the longest serving Liverpool manager since Bob Paisley.

Additionally, bar Roy Evans (who left by 'mutual consent'), every Liverpool manager in the last 25 years has been sacked, including Kenny Dalglish, a living legend amongst Reds fans, and arguably the club's most revered ex-player.

Klopp is riding the wave of fan adulation right now, but if it all goes pear-shaped, he will also end up on the Anfield scrapheap. After all, if FSG can sack one of the club's greatest and most beloved players, I doubt they'll hesitate to get rid of Klopp, who has no prior connection to the club.

Based on his managerial history, Klopp clearly knows himself well enough to appreciate that seven years is his limit. Indeed, Klopp arguably burned himself out at both Mainz and Dortmund, and at both clubs, things progressively got worse towards the end of his reign:

* Mainz: Relegated to Bundesliga 2 in 2006-7; Resigned a year later after failing to achieve promotion back to the Bundesliga.

* Dortmund: Turbulent final season that saw Dortmund languishing in or near the relegation zone for much of the year.

Based on his statement, Klopp's projected exit date = 2022. Will he buck the trend and last that long?

Author: Jaimie K


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