10 May 2016

Transfer Stunner: 'Brilliant' €45m Liverpool star is now worth more than Aubameyang/Reus. Deluded?

Back in 2014, Liverpool star Emre Can cost the Reds a comparatively meager £10m, and according to the CIES Football Observatory, the German midfielder's value has skyrocketed by 260% over the last two years.

According to CIES' latest set of football transfer values, Can - hailed in April by James Milner as 'brilliant' - is currently worth a whopping €45.8m [£36m].

This puts Can at number 35 in CIES' list of the top 100 most valuable players in Europe, which allegedly makes him more valuable than a whole host of top players, including:

* Aubameyang: €45.5

* Benzema: €44.8

* Douglas Costa: €44.5

* Rakitic: €40.2m

* Mahrez: €40.8

* Morata: €39m

* Alaba: €38m

* Pjanic: €35m

* Reus: €33.8m

Is Can really more valuable on the open market than the likes of Aubemeyang, Pjanic, and Reus? No chance (IMO), though biased Liverpool fans will inevitably disagree. What exactly has he achieved to push his value to €45m? €18m-€20m, maybe, but I can't see any club paying €45m for Can at this stage of his career.

It should be noted that in the same list, CIES claims that Raheem Sterling (21 goals/assists in 47 games this season) is more valuable in the transfer market than Luis Suarez (82 goals/assists in 51 games), which - in terms of credibility - renders the entire list null and void.

On a related note: €33m for Reus is just nonsense of the highest order. Ditto Aubemeyang at €44m.

Author: Jaimie K


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