28 May 2016

Great News for Liverpool: 'Exceptional' £80k-a-week striker is a top transfer target for Super Lig giants

Earlier this week, AC Milan President Silvio Berlusconi confirmed that the Italian giants had 'released' on-loan Liverpool misfit Mario Balotelli, and that means only one thing: the Italian striker is heading back to Merseyside. No one - including Balotelli himself - wants that, but new reports today suggest that there may be a silver lining on the horizon.

When asked in April about his future, Balotelli - hailed by Berlusconi for his 'exceptional ball control' - admitted that he does 'not want to return to Liverpool'.

Well, he may get his wish, as Turkish giants Galatasaray are reportedly interested in a summer deal. According to Sky Sports today:

"Galatasaray are considering [signing] Mario Balotelli [who] is their number one target".

It's hard to imagine the current incarnation of Balotelli being anyone's 'number one target', but stranger things have happened (like Liverpool paying £35m for Carroll).

Balotelli's career took another nosedive this week with his Euro 2016 snub, and according to Italy defender Leonardo Bonucci, he only has himself to blame:

"Balotelli...had to change, but unfortunately, he still hasn't done that. If only he realised that it's the team which counts, not individuals. There's no time to think about prima donnas".

This is arguably rock-bottom for Balotelli, and in my view, that's where he'll stay, as there's no incentive for him to work hard to rise up again. He's already rich beyond most people's wildest dreams, and there will always be a team out there who'll pay big bucks to extend Balotelli's failing career.

Like with so many other footballers, hunger, desire, and competitive edge are dulled by being grossly overpaid from such a young age, and in many ways, Balotelli is a product of his rapacious, narcissistic (football) environment.

^ Reportedly on £80k a week.


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