14 Apr 2016

Barnes raves: Liverpool have made a 'good' decision to sign 'excellent' £50k-a-week powerhouse

In February, Liverpool confirmed the signing of 'excellent' Cameroon international Joel Matip^, and according to Reds legend John Barnes, Matip is good enough to hit the ground running at Anfield.

In an interview this week, Barnes enthused:

“[Joel] Matip may not have been an obvious choice, but I think that he will be a good signing for Liverpool".

Ex-Schalke star Christoph Metzelder is also convinced that Anfield is the right destination:

“Liverpool is a super destination for him [Matip]. Jurgen Klopp knows he can work well with him."

Since Liverpool announced the deal, Schalke have:

* Failed to win 7 out of 10 games.

* Conceded 15 goals.

* Achieved just two clean sheets.

Clearly, Matip  [Who'll reportedly be on £50k-a-week at LFC] isn't having much of a positive defensive impact at Schalke right now, but that'll hopefully change when he joins up with Liverpool next season.

The good news is that Matip has missed just 16 games through injury in the last seven years, which is a welcome relief given the regular injuries suffered by Liverpool's central defenders over the last 2-3 years.

^ Reportedly on £50k-a-week at Liverpool

Author: Jaimie K


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