25 Apr 2016

'Nightmare': Carra in scathing attack on 'spectacular' £18m Liverpool star. Out of order?

'Spectacular' Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakhho is currently being investigated by UEFA for allegedly failing a drugs test last month, and Reds legend Jamie Carragher has wasted no time in jumping on the France defender's back.

Speaking to Sky Sports today, Carra described the situation as a 'nightmare', and barked:

"He [Sakho] let himself and the club down badly. There's serious questions to be asked of him. For a professional footballer, as in any sport, it's not acceptable."

Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty?

At this stage, Sakho - who cost Liverpool £18m - is merely under investigation, and in my view, it's out of order for ex-Reds to publicly attack him in this manner before an actual decision on his guilt/innocence is reached.

It may be unlikely, but there's always a possibility that Sakho's B-test may prove to be negative for the offending substance, and if that's the case, he will probably be cleared.

Carragher has clearly made up his mind, though, and instead of doing the decent thing and waiting for an actual verdict, he's crassly decided to throw Sakho under the bus, and created negative media headlines at the French defender's expense.

Indeed, in Carra's view, Sakho hasn't just let the club down, he's let the club down badly, which - given the fact the case is still ongoing - seems like a rather sensationalised (and unnecessary) embellishment.

If Carra's Scouse and/or English cronies like Gerrard, Flanagan, Henderson, or Lallana were in the same situation, there's no way (IMO) he'd be publicly slating them in this manner.

Author: Jaimie K


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