18 Apr 2016

Carra: 'Relentlessly brilliant' £29m attacker is 'Player of the Season'. Sign for Liverpool?

In December, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher described Riyadh Mahrez as 'reminiscent of Lionel Messi', and with less than a month of the Premier League season remaining, Carra insists that Mahrez is the only choice for this season's 'Player of the Year' award.

In his column this weekend for the Daily Mail, Carra raved:

"I hope the award goes to Mahrez [whost] goals and assists have been responsible for 30 of Leicester's 72 points. Mahrez has been relentlessly brilliant. He deserves the gong".

Between them, Vardy and £29m-rated Mahrez have 56 goals/assists between them in the league this season, which is a Suarez/Sturridge rate of prolificity, and outside of the usual suspects (Barcelona, Real Madrid etc), there are few comparable attacking partnerships in European football this season.

To be honest, I'm more excited about Leicester this season than Liverpool. Personal allegiance is irrelevant - the romance of the game is (fleetingly) back, and fairytales like this only come along once in a generation (if we're lucky).

Plus, for me, underdog triumphs are the most exciting, and gratifying success stories in football, which is also why Liverpool's 4-3 victory over Dortmund is so satisfying.

If Leicester win the league, it'll send shockwaves through the English game, but best of all, it'll represent a giant f**k you to the so-called 'big clubs', and their characterless cabals of ludicrously price-tagged, and obscenely overpaid Millenials masquerading as players.

Go Leicester!

Author: Jaimie K


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