19 Apr 2016

I Want Out: 'Exceptional' £45m Liverpool attacker confirms he wants to quit Anfield

Last week, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp confirmed that he will make a 'decision' on Mario Balotelli's future 'in the summer', but based on the Italian striker's latest comments, the decision will be an easy one to make.

When asked about the Balotelli^ situation during his pre-Stoke press conference, Klopp suggested noted:

"In this moment, we have to play a lot of games and he [Balotelli] has to play a lot of games in Italy. We have to make a decision in the summer."

When asked over the weekend about his future, Balotelli categorically rejected the possibility of a return to Anfield:

"I want to stay at Milan. I do not want to return to Liverpool. I was never happy at Liverpool".

This is clearly the best possible outcome for both parties. There's no room for Balotelli at Anfield, and the striker wants out, but what are the chances of a permanent move to Milan.

Right now, the possibility is slim, and Milan Chief Adriano Galliani confirmed this last week:

"Mario is desperate to stay here at Milan, But he does not merit a permanent deal at the moment. He has to convince us to earn a permanent deal".

Balotelli's latest comments will inevitably invoke the ire of Liverpool fans, but his unhappiness at Anfield is understandable. Rodgers repeatedly played him out of position as a lone striker (something he publicly questioned at the time), and - like Klopp with Benteke - Rodgers rarely gave Balotelli the chance to build up an on-field rapport with his team-mates.

Still, when all is said and done, Balotelli - hailed in February by Milan Chief Silvio Berlusconi for his 'exceptional ball control' - is a transfer mistake, and the sooner he's off the books, the better.

^ Worth £45m according to his Agent.

Author: Jaimie K


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