8 Mar 2016

Anfield Truth: Brendan Rodgers finally reveals reason 'why' Liverpool sacked him; confirms 'owners' want league title

Why did Brendan Rodgers lose his job at Liverpool? FSG's public statements on the issue are generally inconclusive, and Rodgers has never revealed an explicit reason for his termination. In a new interview this week, however, Rodgers has unambiguously explained exactly why the club's owners decided to make a change.

After Rodgers' termination, an FSG statement noted:

“Although [sacking BR] has been a difficult decision, it provides us with the best opportunity...to deliver success".

Soon after, Liverpool Chairman Tom Werner told The Guardian:

"None of the supporters are satisfied with our position and J├╝rgen is the right manager to take us forward. He motivates players [and] we expect players to respond to him".

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph today, Rodgers made it clear that FSG sacked him because they'd lost faith in his ability to win the league title. He explained:

"The expectancy [at LFC] is to win the league. We went very close [but] Jurgen will feel that he can improve on that, and that's why the owners made the change...and to improve on runners-up would be to win the league".

Well, so far, Klopp has not improved on Rodgers' reign at Anfield:


* All Comps: 51% win percentage (Averaged 1.8 points-per-game (PPG)

* Prem Only: 52% win percentage (Averaged 1.8 PPG)


* All Comps: 45% win percentage (Averages 1.7 PPG)

* Prem Only: 45% win percentage (Averages 1.6 PPG)

Additionally, after the same number of league games last season:

* Liverpool were in 5th place on 54 points, just 2 points away from 4th place.

* Under Klopp, the Reds are ten points worse off (7th in league on 44 points), and are currently 6 points away from a Champions League place.

If FSG were 'not satisfied' with Liverpool's position last season, it's hard to see how the group can be satisfied with the a 10-point regression in the league under Klopp, especially with his fabled ability to 'motivate players'.

Expectations will be high next season, and rightly so. Rodgers finished second in his sophomore season at Anfield, and in my view Klopp should be judged against that achievement next season.

Reds fans endlessly go on about how Klopp inherited an inadequate squad (and use that as an excuse for regression) but the same applies to Rodgers, who inherited a squad that achieved Liverpool's worst ever Premier League points total.

Despite that, Rodgers took Liverpool to the brink of the title, and Klopp - who is (according to Liverpool fans) a much better manager than Rodgers - should be able to achieve something similar.

If not, why not? (Cue endless excuses/rationalisations)

Author: Jaimie K


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