6 Mar 2016

Inside Info? Legend claims Liverpool plan massive triple transfer for 'exciting' £82m trio this summer

With the summer transfer window fast approaching, Liverpool are already being linked with dozens of players, but according to Newcastle legend Mickey Quinn, Reds boss Jurgen Klopp is focused on completing three specific transfers.

Speaking to TalkSport this week, Quinn - born and bred on Merseyside - mused:

"Ignacio Camacho, Lucas Moura and Granit Xhaka are all on the [Liverpool] hit list, and if he [Klopp] gets them, it’ll be an exciting season for Liverpool next year".

Quinn is a Liverpudlian ex-pro, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility that he has some inside info on Liverpool's transfer plans this summer.

On the other hand, it's entirely possible that Quinn may just be parroting what he's heard in the media.

Either way, is he right about Camacho, Xhaka, and Moura being the right choices for Liverpool?


Last month, LA De Malaga claimed:

"Liverpool are keen to sign Ignacio Camacho, [but] Malaga are not willing to sit down and talk for anything less than his €20m [£15m] buyout clause".

Liverpool arguably need a dedicated DM, but Camacho - described by Malaga boss Javi Garcia as 'irreplaceable' - has become suffered 6 separate injuries in the last 12 months (99 days out/29 games missed) and the last thing Liverpool need is another injury prone player.


Jurgen Klopp allegedly met with Xhaka's agent in December, and this week, the £37m-rated midfielder admitted that his 'childhood dream' is play in the Prem. Pep Guardiola has reportedly made Xhaka his top transfer target for next season, and in a recent interview, the Swiss star admitted:

"It's difficult to say no when Manchester City want you and you could play there. That much I have to admit".


In December, multiple reports claimed that In December, multiple reports claimed that Liverpool had 'made contact' with PSG to discuss the the possibility of a signing £30m-rated Moura, who allegedly wants to play for Klopp.

That's all well and good, but Moura's goal record is poor (one every 402 minutes for PSG), and if he struggles to consistently score in French football, it's unlikely that he'll do any better in the Premier League.

Realistically, Liverpool's chances of signing Xhaka and Moura are slim, but Camacho is clearly a viable target. Are any of these players an essential purchase?

Author: Jaimie K


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