25 Mar 2016

Anfield Megadeal? Liverpool could seal massive £50m transfer for 'amazing' attacker. Euro Giants willing

For the first time in over a year, Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge is the midst of a rare period of sustained fitness, and although he's not in the greatest goalscoring form, the interest of clubs around Europe is peaked, with Paris St. german reportedly preparing a massive summer bid for the injury prone striker.

According to The Guardian:

"Paris Saint-Germain are preparing to spend £50m on Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge as they seek a replacement for Uruguayan ace Edinson Cavani".

Sturridge is one of my favourite Liverpool players, but this is an absolute no-brainer, and FSG should instantly accept the offer of any club that's willing to spend £50m on the most injured player in Liverpool's history.

It's not even a question - just sell. That may sound harsh, but Sturridge has proven that he is unreliable; that's always been the case, and unless something miraculous happens, that will almost certainly continue to be the case.

Plus, I genuinely believe that Sturridge's best days are behind him. After being so ravaged by injury, something has to give, and it looks like Sturridge has lost some of the pace that makes him so effective. Additionally, there's the mental aspect to consider. After being injured so many times, the fear of re-injury may restrict his game a little, and on current evidence it (arguably) already is.

Statistically, 'amazing' Sturridge's decline is already noticeable:

* 2013-14: 34 goals/assists in 33 apps (Goal every 107 mins. G/A every 79 mins)

* 2014-15: 7 goals/assists in 18 apps (Goal every 243 mins. G/A every 173 mins)

* 2015-16: 7 goals/0 assists in 14 apps (Goal every 132 mins)

It could be Fernando Torres all over again. The Spaniard was never the same after his Liverpool injuries, and the Reds did fantastically well to get £50m for a player who was basically finished the minute he left Anfield. I suspect the same thing is happening with Sturridge. Liverpool got the best out of him, and I sincerely doubt he'll ever reach the heights of of 2013-14 again.

I made this argument back in 2014, but it's pertinent here: it's a tough call, but Liverpool need to cash-in on Sturridge now to take advantage of his high transfer value, or risk rather seeing his value decline over time as a result of repeated injuries.

Liverpool committed glorious daylight robbery by conning £49m out of Man City for Raheem Sterling; now it's time to do the same again with Sturridge.Author: Jaimie K


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