25 Mar 2016

Molby insists: 'Unbelievable' £65k-a-week LFC star is not good enough for Liverpool in one vital area. Agree?

Over the last six weeks, Liverpool attacker Adam Lallana has finally started to achieve a level of consistency in his performances, but according to Anfield legend Jan Molby, the £26m signing still needs to improve in one specific area.

In his latest column for the Liverpool Echo, Molby mused:

"Adam Lallana is in a rich vein of form at the moment and some of the skill he is showing is unbelievable. For all the great positions he gets in, I’d just like to see a fair bit more end product from him".

This is argument I've been making since Lallana signed for the club. He is a skillful player, but he is simply not consistent enough in the final third.

That said, Lallana has definitely upped his game recently, and he is now achieving the kind of end product befitting an experienced 27-year old international in the prime of his career:

* 7 goals/assists in his last 10 games (One every 109 mins)

* Prior to that: 0 goals in 21 straight games.

Unfortunately, Lallana remains prone to long spells without scoring, and even amid his current improved performance, he hasn't scored in four straight games now (6 hours of football).

Still, Lallana is on the right track, and although I'm one of his biggest critics, I'll always champion his inclusion in the team if he's fulfilling his primary role, which - for the most part - he is right now.

That said, Lallana still needs to be replaced next season. One six week spell doesn't define a career, and over two years, Lallana has proven that he is not consistent enough for a team with genuine ambitions of winning the league (or even just qualifying for the Champions League).

Squad player? Absolutely. Regular starter? No.

On a related note, if I was a cynical fan, I'd highlight the obvious link between Lallana's improved form and the upcoming European Championships. The same applies with Sturridge, who - after 12+ months of being incapable of staying uninjured - is now magically retaining fitness just months away from Europe's showpiece tournament.

I'm not cynical, though, so I won't belabour the point. Perish the thought!

Author: Jaimie K


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