28 Mar 2016

Legend raves: Liverpool should seal 'absolutely stunning' transfer for 'amazing' £50m attacker. Agree?

The end appears to be nigh for 'amazing' Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge. PSG are reportedly willing to spend an incredible £50m to secure his services, and in a recent poll on the site, 87% of 14,450 (approx) participants voted for Liverpool to sell. Sturridge's future is sure to be a hot issue this summer, but according to Arsenal legend Martin Keown, £50m may be too enticing a figure for Liverpool to reject.

When asked this week about PSG's interest in Sturridge, Keown told the Daily Mail:

"I think that [a £50m transfer] would be absolutely stunning. He [Sturridge] has hardly played! Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a very naturally gifted player, but it may be tempting to cash in for that money".

If the figures being touted are correct, then the question (for me) is this: Will Sturridge be able to attract such a massive fee in the future?

If he remains fit, then the answer is yes, but if - as is likely - injuries continue to ravage his career, then it's conceivable that Sturridge's transfer value will decline over time.

Taking everything into consideration, now is arguably the optimum time to 'cash in' on Sturridge, and Klopp's record of unearthing prolific strikers (such as Lewandowski and Aubameyang), suggests that he is capable of finding a top striker to fill the void.

Author: Jaimie K


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