15 Mar 2016

'It's getting worse': LFC legend slams Klopp for failing to fix 'embarrassing' Liverpool problem

With five wins in the last seven games, Liverpool are undergoing a brief resurgence in the final stretch of the season, but the Reds improvement has not extended to set-pieces, and Reds legend John Aldridge has once again called on Jurgen Klopp to address the situation.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo today, Aldo slammed LFC's 'embarrassing' set-plays, and insisted that the team's 'poor' corners and free-kicks are 'getting worse' as the season wears on.

Aldo further insisted:

"Jurgen Klopp has to dedicate some time to sorting out corners. Time after time they fail to beat the first man.

"Other teams get a significant chunk of their goals from set-plays but our threat is non-existent".

Is Aldo right that Liverpool's threat from set-pieces (SPs) is 'non-existent', and that 'other teams' get a 'significant chunk' of goals from set-pieces?

Here are the set-piece stats for the Premier League this season:

* As a percentage of overall goals scored, Liverpool's record on set-pieces is poor, but there are worse teams in the Prem, including league leaders Leicester City, and top-four contenders Man City and Man Utd.

* Interestingly, bar Spurs, all the top-four contenders are 10th or below in table, which suggests that set-piece goals are not that important when it comes to challenging for a Champions League place.

In isolation, Liverpool's SP results are poor, and need to improve, but in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? Arguably no. The bigger issue is *conceding* goals from set-pieces, and over a season, that is far more detrimental to league position.

Author: Jaimie K


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