2 Mar 2016

Hendo tells FSG: Liverpool must sign up 'incredible' £25k-a-week international who loves LFC. Agree?

Like Joao Teixeira and Jerome Sinclair, Jon Flanagan's contract expires in the summer, and with only three months remaining of the season, there seems to be little movement at Anfield over a new deal. Is Flanagan worthy of a new contract? Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson thinks so, and he's urged FSG to get the issue 'sorted' ASAP.

When asked this week about Flanagan's future, Hendo insisted:

“It’s huge that it gets sorted out. His whole family supports Liverpool. He [Flanagan] has been a supporter since he was a kid. He's had a difficult time for the last two years but what I've seen him do behind the scenes is incredible. Every day he came in with a smile on his face, did his work and you need to be rewarding people like that".

So let me get this straight: Flanagan - who reportedly earns £25k-a-week - came to work every day with a 'smile on his face', and then utilised the club's world-class fitness coaches/facilities to work himself back to full fitness.

Gosh, what an admirable achievement! If I earned £25k-a-week whilst unable to work for 18 months, I'd have a huge smile on my face, too.

But, but, Flanagan had a 'difficult time' trying to get fit at Liverpool's world class training facility, with every possible fitness, nutritional, and holistic advantage at his beck and call!

Cry me a river.

I don't wish to devalue Flanagan's hard work, but it really gets my goat when players make out that footballers somehow have a hard life, and should be rewarded with even more obscene salaries for doing the bog standard basics required of their job.

For £25k-a-week, Flanagan *should* be busting a gut to get fit.

The average man/woman on the street doesn't have such insane financial benefits, and Hendo has shown here that he - like most footballers - is grossly out of touch with the actual reality facing the majority of LFC fans.

Flanagan shouldn't be 'rewarded' with a new deal/massive pay rise just because he battled (in a comparatively stress-free environment of mollycoddling riches) to get back to fitness; he should be given a new deal if his *performance* warrants it, and his homegrown status is (or should be) irrelevant in this regard.

Given his injury history, the club made the right decision last summer to give Flanagan a one-year deal, and the same should happen this summer: given Flanno a one year deal, and if he remains injury free, and performs well, then hand him a longer contract.

That said, performance appears to be irrelevant to Liverpool when handing out new contracts. Mignolet got a fat 5-year contract despite his regular, calamitous mistakes, so expect Flanagan to get a 10-year contract very soon.

Author: Jaimie K


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