11 Mar 2016

Shock Reaction? Man Utd legend insists Liverpool 'deserved to win'; claims LFC 'played like' Fergie's teams

Revenge is sweet! After four straight defeats, Liverpool finally turned the table last night and smashed Man United into submission in the Europa League. The 2-0 scoreline flattered Louis Van Gaal's team, and with better finishing, the Reds could've won the match five or six nil. There's no doubt that Liverpool richly deserved the victory, and shell-shocked Man United legend Rio Ferdinand appears to agree.

Analysing Man United's capitulation on BT Sport^, a surprisingly magnanimous Ferdinand offered the following analysis:

"Liverpool deserved the win. They won 2-0 but it should’ve been three or four. I can’t see how any Man United fan can disagree with that. They outplayed us, and overpowered us, and Liverpool played like a Man United team of old".

Bravo, Rio, but I'm sure he's getting in the neck from United fans right now for praising Liverpool in such emphatic terms. Just imagine if Carra or Gerrard made similar comments about Man United; there'd be blood on the streets.

Ferdinand's view is fair though. Watching Man United 'play' is torturous, and Louis Van Gaal's turgid team is arguably the club's worst (and most boring) team since the 1980s (the glorious heyday of United failure).

It gets even better: on Tuesday, a 'source' allegedly 'close to Van Gaal' claimed:

"Van Gaal is safe and...will lead the Red Devils next season, even if they miss out on the Champions League. LVG has been told he is staying, with plans already underway for summer transfers."

Here's hoping this is actually true, as it means Liverpool will have an even greater chance of leap-frogging United next season. The brutal truth still remains, though: Man United may be irredeemably pedestrian, but the Reds are below them in the Premier League table.

The table doesn't lie, and if a team as poor as United finish above Liverpool this season, then irrespective of cup competitions, this year has to go down as a gigantic failure of epic proportions.

^ Transcribed whilst watching the interview live.

Author: Jaimie K


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