21 Mar 2016

Bust-Up: Ex-Red claims Angry £25m Liverpool star stormed 'down the tunnel' after Klopp clash

When it comes to scapegoating, Liverpool striker Christian Benteke is regularly targeted by Liverpool fans, and after the 3-2 capitulation against Southampton, he is once again getting in the neck from all sides. Jurgen Klopp - who has utterly failed to utilise Benteke effectively this season - is also getting in on the act, and according to ex-Red Phil Babb, the Belgian striker is growing tired of Klopp's questionable man-management tactics.

Analysing the game last night on LFC TV Babb noted:

"We’ve looked at an exchange between Benteke and Klopp - the manager hadn’t finished talking, and Benteke was off down the tunnel, so that doesn’t bode well for his future".

Benteke missed a chance: BIG FREAKIN' DEAL. Sturridge and Allen missed significantly easier chances (Sturridge's weak right-footed shot, and Allen's one-on-one with the 'keeper), yet they're not subject to the same overwrought vitriol from a baying fanbase. I also didn't see Klopp publicly shaming them, either.

The fact that Klopp chose to berate Benteke in front of fans (and millions of TV viewers) shows (IMO) a staggering lack of respect for the striker, and invites negative media/fan scrutiny.

Indeed, On Match of the Day, Alan Shearer and ex-Red Danny Murphy both criticised Klopp for targeting Benteke. Shearer noted:

"I wouldn't take too kindly if I was a player and he [Klopp] came on to the pitch and let his feelings be known. Do it in the dressing room, not in front of fans".

Murphy added:

"If you're going to give someone a telling off then do it inside. He [Klopp] has been a breath of fresh air but sometimes he's overly animated on the touchline and it doesn't always go down well with everyone".

If Klopp wants to criticise anyone, he should criticise himself for his abject handling of Benteke. For example: Since mid-January, Klopp has granted him a average of just 17 minutes per game in the league, which shows exactly how much he values Benteke. Quite how a striker is supposed to prosper in these circumstances (or build a rapport with team-mates) is anyone's guess.

Bottom line: allegedly inferior managers like Lambert and Sherwood managed to get the best out of £25m-rated Benteke, yet Klopp - who, according to LFC fans, is one of the best in Europe - has utterly failed to get anything out of him.

Author: Jaimie K


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